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Versatile and vibrant. The Equinox SpectraPix Batten is a powerful lighting bar equipped with 224 tri-colour (RGB) SMD 5050 LEDs. With their ultra-wide viewing angle of 120-degrees, the SpectraPix Batten can coat a large area with its rich palette of colours, whilst a diverse selection of built-in chase modes give you a flexible range of options when it comes to creating your light show.

The fixture is simple to operate too. The easy-to-read LED display and 4-button menu controls allow you to choose your chase program, as well as adjust the speed and strobing of the light. Take advantage of static colour, automatic, sound activated, and master/slave modes too, whilst DMX programming gives you in-depth control over your show.


  • 224 tri-colour (RGB) SMD 5050 LEDs divided into sixteen segments
  • Wide 120° viewing angle
  • Comes with a frosted front screen and a clear front screen for maximum versatility
  • Create soft washes with a rich colour palette and flexible colour mixing
  • Chase programs can be controlled in auto mode, or activated by music
  • Diverse range of chase programs can be selected from the control panel
  • You can also adjust the speed, as well as variable strobing, from the control panel too
  • Easy-to-read LED display complete with intuitive 4-button menu controls
  • Convection-cooled design for silent operation

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