Sapphire Projector Screen 240cm x 135cm (16:9)

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Our 7ft wide 16:9 aspect ratio projector screen is ideal for presentations, exhibitions, corporate events and conferences. It is also ideal for outdoor garden cinema setups (please contact us for more information on this). 

A great benefit to the rapid fold portable screen is that it comes with a flight carry case. There are no parts to install and no tools required when setting up the frame and support as they both use their own connectors fitting together easily. The transport flight case comes with a handle and wheels so isn't something you will have to carry around off of the floor by yourself allowing for transportation to be a suitable option for this screen. 


  • Fully Adjustable 
  • Viewing Size: 240cm x 135cm 
  • 92" Diagonal Viewing 
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio 
  • Front Projection Surface
  • Flightcase Included   

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